Here is an example of a table we used for planning during primary level. Also great for showing your moderator...

Add extra lines for extra children.




feel free to copy


Our own Geography page - a whole year's online lessons

Feel free to use


Our own incomplete French pages - feel free to use






History - site below excellent



Specifics: Animal classification, botany

Teen cash guide - savings and consumerism (downloaded already)



BRILLIANT ARTICLE read and reread (Tim Hawkes in SMH) My take on it... masterplan.htm


Find lots of links here


Lessons at Studio 4 Learning video lessons in various subjects


Lesson plans


Typical Course of Study K-12 - Good idea of "what a kid should know" :-) - very broad categories, but good for ideas



edhelper printables (paid subscription)


Classbuilder - Gradebook

Classbuilder - Quizzes

Quiz School - quiz creator - (paid subscription)  

generate free worksheets and quizzes - several subjects

Maths and Science - games and quizzes

Printable paper (graph, etc)

Homeschooling planners


Monthly checklist

Labels & certificates

If in doubt, look through here... (some included on this page, but still need to check through rest)





Free online course St John's Ambulance -




Contact me to put you in touch with several possible connections



  • ABC Education TV: Keep an eye out for the Schools Programs - Comprehensive teacher resources for some of the lower primary to upper secondary level programs can be found on the ABC website. The short TV clips can help cover subjects you might find challenging. The LOTE offerings are of particular interest as young people present basic material in their native tongue. Find the schedule here, resources here and programs listed by level, subject or title here. (Something I wrote for the HEA)
  • Khan Academy was created by Sal Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business school and former hedge fund manager. The website offers more than 1800 free video lessons on various topics (from Basic Arithmetic through to Organic Chemistry). Sal Khan produces the 10-20 minute videos himself, narrating while using a digital blackboard. A glowing review by Bill Gates has thrust the Khan Academy into the limelight. Worth checking out! (Something I wrote for the HEA)












Free Range eMag - this is for homeschoolers aged 9-17 and my daughter is the editor... Highly recommended, of course! 


Australian one - http://www.home- au/category/ otherways- magazine/

The Jamboree

http://homeedmag. com/

http://www.homescho olnewslink. com/







For personal homeschool use, lovely images from Dorling Kindersley at

They are understandably very strict with copyright - only use these for your own homeschool use and don't include in documents you share with others. 



(many of them free!)

This page was compiled for our own use in 2008 and 2009.

Some of the links might no longer be active.



 Leatherwood Books - quality children's books - free giftwrapping


We run an online homeschool bookshop:

Leatherwood Books

Please have a look by clicking on the picture above.


Just ask if you want us to find a book for you. We stock or can get hold of:

Standard textbooks

Audio books

Historical fiction and other history books, such as

The Story of the World

Saxon Homeschool Math kits or individual books

Understanding Maths textbooks

"Great Books"

Classical Education


The Well-trained Mind

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind

Writing with Ease

The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

Geography books

Latin books (we have Minimus series and can get others)

and many, many more!


Free Range eMag - this is a free emag for homeschoolers aged 9-17 and my daughter is the editor... Highly recommended, of course! She's always looking for written or photo contributions.


Reread & send to those giving us a hard time!






IDEAS for extra-curricular activities




DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS (free membership) Very American




Swanline online learning    Swanline login They are professional - Perth, WA. We recommend the Mathematics course. Science also of high standard, but Creationist. If you are OK with that or can work around it, it is a good course.


K12 online school ??


Success online learning academy - SOLA


Cyril Jackson campus - open learning and elearning - public school with online options - only Yrs 11 & 12 - WA


Search for others on the Net



OPEN UNIVERSITY AUSTRALIA  Lots of online options

http://www.home- au/category/ university/




Cert in General and Vocational Education 

Equivalent to a basic Yr 10

TAFE also offers other online courses open to homeschoolers



distance education - but not school or uni





Interesting links on last pages in here


Home Education Association - event organising and work experience insurance details (we are paid up for insurance till end 2009)

HEA student card

HEA insurance








http://www.worksafe pagebin/edcnwssm 0018.htm

Worksafe Smart Move - Occupational health and safety info for Yrs 10-12 doing work experience 

CHECKLIST to be used with Work Experience - for supervisors to complete -



e library


Community Service Programme




Red Cross WA


Smith Family Student2Student reading mentor programme


More ideas at School for Distance Learning








Comprehensive list - very useful


Some nice stuff here too



Interesting ite!! You can subscribe for free  

Electonic flashcard method



quite a lot of free lesson plans  lots of online games, quizzes, lists, tests posted by teachers, various subjects Free


Sites for teachers - hundreds of websites for teachers 


Free Worksheets several subjects, creates worksheets on command...


Discovery Channel's Lesson Plan Library mainly PDF

Educational Audio-Video Internet Library (video, audio & podcasts)

Open Course Ware (various universities)

Teacher Tube - Video lessons on many subjects 

The homeschool mom

Lesson plans - lots, very good

NYTimes lesson plans - lots, very useful

Ideas for lessons

School Express - lesson plans

RHL worksheets

CBC archives - for Teachers

Printable School Resource

Supposedly the start of a homeschooling "university" - will have to see what happens - hidden agendas abound? units 



Free SAT exam school

Textbook Revolution - lots of free PDFs

Classics in the History of Psychology



Entry requirements

Special Tertiary Admissions Test STAT


Look into... new links to sort through!


The Master List of Free Online College Courses  eLearning lists galore - very impressive!  Great courses here, for free! great site stating things that are important to learn   Top100 educational sites


Register for Promethean Planet free teachers resources:






The Learning Federation - free video clips for learning

K to 10 syllabi online

AOL educator resources

***MIT Open Source Courses - fr









The Art of Argument





Comes highly recommended!! Watch this first - I haven't checked it yet com/watch? v=PHBtnzxJJ_ 4&feature= email


Have included some Science for L 2009

Look at English and other... 













Daily Grammar (lessons) - note that you'll need to do several lessons a day as these are more like mini-exercises than lessons:



Ed resources for movies from books :


Be a reporter - Game


Lessons at Studio 4 Learning


Lesson plans - *** check


Self-scoring Grammar and usage tests


Fantastic resource - lots of lesson plans


Ambleside Curriculum - Charlotte Mason - free online resources, year plans and book lists





Parts of speech




Sentence diagramming printable 3p



Adverb Game  - Middle School sample lesson


Homeschool English prog - writing


Excellent Lit series - look at these for 2009 onwards

It is pricey, but I understand one could get away with just ordering the student edition. They offer sample pages and a table of contents for each book on the site.

Experiencing Literature: Grade 9

Understanding Literature: Grade 10

The American Tradition: Grade 11

The British Tradition: Grade 12

World Literature (this one looks really interesting!)


Another series to look at:



Spelling Rules


Complete Unit - Shakespeare Sonnets 73 & 97

Complete unit - Metre in Poetry


***?? The Road from Coorain PBS lesson plan




Writing aids - very useful 

Creating poetry

Unit studies Levels 9 to 12 (incl Eng) :-( lots of broken links

Dead Poets Society - lesson plans - the poems are here and here

The war of the words - Bob Dylan - lesson plan

Rethinking movie ratings - lesson plan - how to write a travel novel in one year. This is quite expensive but looks like a very good resource - for now we'll use only the sample lessons. From that programme:

Character development & Worksheet

Creating meaningful stories & Worksheet

Acts & Scenes - great resource

Vocabulary site (lists for books and subjects)

Most mispronounced words

media literacy

Lord of the Rings free study guide - http://www.houghton mifflinbooks. com/features/ lordoftheringstr ilogy/lessons/


Vocabulary - classical roots -


English Resources

The Easy Essay - FREE!


10 minute read-alouds - interesting!


***** Real projects for real students




Shakespeare - Folger's 

Shakespeare info - work online, study guides and more... http://daphne. shakespeare/

subjects-young.html - ebooks for young readers - great resource


English Unit Gr 8 - month - shall I compare 

thee to a jabberwocky

Lord of the Flies\

Animal Farm - see below

Short stories - lesson plan (9 lessons)

Book list Yrs 6-8 Calvert



20 dream holidays

Fashion Design: Market research (Yrs 5-9)

Dream Machine: Similes (Yrs 5-9)

Dorothea Mackellar poetry competition


ENGLISH LINKS BELOW from Holt's Elements of Literature

Language Arts
BBC's Arts-Books

Literature and Reading
The Academy of American Poets
American Verse Project
Clickable Poems
Encyclopedia Mythica
Favorite Poem Project
Glossary of Literary Terms
Today in Literature
U.S. Literary Map at the American Collection
Voices From the Gaps
World Wide School

Dictionaries and Word Guides
Merriam-Webster OnLine
Merriam-Webster Word Games
Sheppard Software's Word Games
Vocabulary University
The Word Detective
Wordsmith's A Word A Day

Style and Your Writing
How to Write a Term Paper from Thomson Gale
The University of Victoria Writer's Guide
Write It from Scholastic
Writing with Writers from Scholastic

Citation Guides
APA Format
Chicago Style
MLA Style
The Slate Citation Machine

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
Daily Grammar
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Standard Deviants
The Writers' Workshop Grammar Handbook

Speech, Debate, Media Literacy, and Journalism
American Rhetoric
Debate Central at the University of Vermont
High School Journalism from the American Society of Newspaper Editors
Media Literacy at PBS's TeacherSource
National Public Radio
The Newseum
Public Speaking from Standard Deviants TV
Write Site from ThinkTVNetwork

Research Guides
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
CNN Student News
Holt Researcher
Library of Congress
National Archives
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Research Starters from Scholastic

Study Skills and Homework Help
Study Skills Topic Pages

ELL and Spanish Resources
Gramática y ortografía from the Spanish CALL Project at Indiana University
Real Academia Española
TOPICS Magazine for Learners of English

Teacher and Parent Resources
The National Education Association
No Child Left Behind
Online Directory of ESL Resources PBS TeacherSource: Arts & Literature
Reading Online from the International Reading Association



The Arts



Art Appreciation

20th Century Art (32 weeks) Yr 12 level - free



Fine Art Puzzles at Jigzone



Art Activities



Mark Kistler's Online Video Art Academy (some free lessons)
http://www.mkisdraw p_ovaa/
http://www.draw3d. com/schoolofimag ination/



Art Attack

Designing book jackets - full lesson plan

Photo scavenger hunt of your community - lesson plan



**** many free art and craft lesson plans


Drawing lesson -  Brilliant word art site (type in words and generate an "artwork" to use)


Animate Your World (no extra software required)




Paper folding :-) check out "the agreeable sheep"  lovely site

Papercraft links

Templates - boxes and other items - mirkwooddesigns

Chinese Paper Lantern:

Red Gift Envelopes:

Plum Blossoms to use in table setting:



Crafts & recipes by countries


Sew your own moccasins!



Music Appreciation


Download FREE digital versions of the Opera for Everyone series of CDs and the Teaching Manual: The Barber of Seville (1816); Verdi's La Traviata (1853); Bizet's Carmen (1875); and Puccini's Madama Butterfly (1904)


Harmony Fine Arts  comprehensive free resources - full lesson plans for Yrs 9-12


CONNECT THE THOUGHTS courses - very good



Music Activities

NAB Songwriting Competition

Songwriting curriculum









How to... video sites  (some might contain adult content)



National Museum of Education: Inventucation Central
http://www.nmoe. org/students/ index.htm








http://www.dimensio Dim_E.htm

Maths videos - 9 episodes or 13 mins each. Ages 9+


ALEKS about $350 per year for two students? BUT one can move between levels if necessary, don't have to repeat things you know already and other benefits. Entrance level determined by entry test.



Samples available, but can buy through Homeschool Co-op

Your Teacher Lessons

OR (good option for higher grades)



http://www.khanacad YouTube videos lessons Maths all levels free video tutorials





(password for restricted areas available for homeschoolers at the
mep-homeschoolers yahoo forum)


***Googol Power Virtual field trips - very good site!!

Viewfinder: Space (Yrs 4-8)

Data: Scatter plots (Yrs 5-9)

Dice Duels: Bike race (Yrs 6-9)

Posters & Charts to print

Maths 300

Working Mathematically

Lots of activities -



Ask Dr Math - answers to your questions - for explanations


Yrs 11 & 12

WA Distance Ed - Maths 11-12 

Introductory Calculus - Distance Ed WA







http://www.aimsedu. org/Puzzle/


Edventures use Lego for engineering and architecture courses



Artificial Intelligence

Linear Systems and Optimization


Dialogue writing


Simply Music - High School

Aesop's Fables      

Cottage School of Music and Children's Choir

Overseas Trip Exercise - Yr 9 




Technology & Enterprise

Health & PE & Life Skills

Free iPod/podcast language lessons


Free animated activities for learning foreign languages





Twelve Latin Lessons online - The National Archives - advanced lessons also available


Latin for Fun list


First two chapters of Latin Alive from Classical Academic Press Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 (teacher's book available and photocopiable versions - email). Probably the one to use? Teamed with website  also some games and good links at bottom




Lessons at Studio 4 Learning video lessons in various subjects

French language games -

check podcast sites too

Good site - sound clips included



Languages of the World Lean eleven languages online for free!




Afrikaans lesson pages

Afrikaans - versfabriek

Submit original work for translation 




Bean Counter’s Accounting & Bookkeeping Tutorial Site - FREE!

Economics - free programme

Business (from Learning Federation)

Fish Market (Yrs 6-9)

Muffin Bakery - Price setting (Yrs 9-10)


Light, camera, action: sound (Yrs 5-9)



(thanks to Sandy F and her students for this link!) free resource and test for typing speed - certificate awarded

Also check out BBC one - find link

10 Finger Breakout

Bruce's Typing Tutor

Free typing games

Tux Type


IT specifics


Our own webpage building lessons


Dreamweaver tutorial



Building shopping cart - eJunkie

Also PayPal

Podcasting in Plain English

Podcasting workshop

How computers work (online 38p book)


Internet safety - NetAlert






Connect the Thoughts - these courses are not free though. 


All about explorers - this is actually about how to do research on the internet and the importance of verifying your sources. 







Teen fitness Comprehensive Anatomy
& Physiology Suite - some free examples

Visible Body - free to registered users!!

Human Body and Mind

Human Development

Teen Fitness Tracker

from the above

Leading Yourself worksheet

Goal Setting worksheet

Heart activities

Youth Homelessness & Drug Issues -


BIOLOGY specifics


Free online Biology textbook 


Animal classification 

Simple animal classification 

Animal Diversity Web




Amphibia Web

Animal Diversity Web

Ant Web


Biodiversity Heritage Library browse scans of old books

Biological Library


Catalogue of Life



International Union for the Conservation of Nature


Tree of Life project

uBio comprehensive and collaborative catalogue of known names of all living (and once-living) organisms

Sydney Aquarium

e skeletons - Digital frog already downloaded


Zoo photo safari project - Yrs 9-12


Dissection Alternatives Loan Program

Dissection Alternatives


Human Development

** Biology: Reproduction Yr 9 Cell structure, microscope info, etc

Cells Alive! Yr 7+ All sorts of information on cells, including video microscopy of living cells, bacteria, parasites, and pharmaceutical effects, plus 3D biological animations, articles, and links to sources of information about cells.

Electron Microscopy Gallery Yr 8+ The site contains hundreds of images taken with light and electron microscopes. Categories include: Algae, Arachnids, Bacteria, Fish, Fungi & Slime Molds, Invertebrates, Protozoa, Protozoans and Viruses. The image quality is very high and most of the images are colour.

Biology: The Sustainability of Ecosystems Yr 10


Smithsonian Institute: The Sant Ocean Hall
http://ocean. hall/Galleries/ introduction. html

Hot Topics & Cool Links



The Egde - World Question Centre - What will change everything?



***Great websites - links


BBC hot topics

Carbon Neutral


Men of the Trees


City Farm


Homeschooling Bumper Stickers


International Freedom in Education Day (IFED)





CONNECT THE THOUGHTS   PAID courses - very good  videos



Chem4Kids Science videos

Young inventors

Annenburg media's The World of Chemistry 

http://www.learner. org/resources/ series61. html FREE Chemistry Resource. 

25 videos with study sheets. http://www.unit5. org/chemistry/ Videotapes. htm. 

Online Chemistry Experiments http://chemistry. od/advancedscien ceprojects/ Advanced_ Home_Chemistry_ Projects. htm. 

http://www.amnh. org/ology/



Elements song - nice one!


And more Science songs



Lab equipment in Aus

Posters & Charts to print
Build your own Atoms simulations etc

Virtual lab

Homeschool 2

Inclined planes & friction

Design and Discovery: Experiencing Engineering Through Design

Eyeball Challenge: Vision:  (Yrs 5-8)

Fair Test: Working scientifically (Yrs 5-8)

Ph Aquarium: Natural & processed materials (Yrs 7-9)

Tectonic Boundaries: Earth & beyond (Yrs 9-10)


Exploratorium - Simple experiments

Proton Don - Periodic Table game


Gravity - various links *** from freeworldu

Virtual Lab - current collection

Interactive periodic table -

MIT Open Source Courses  MadSci Network (mineral properties)

worksheet marine lessons

Whale page - compiled by Elsa

M&M Fishing

Another sustainable fishing game

curriculumcenter/chemistry/pdf/activity2.pdf (glucose and starch test) printout in our resources file







Electromagnetic fishing pole

WA Distance Ed - Science 8-10 

Links from WA Science teachers' site

Building physic's book of knowledge (science, poetry, maths, art)

Observing, inferring, predicting - WA Distance Ed Science Videos of experiments A web site devoted to areas of science where computer simulations are at the forefront of discovery.

Electronic Zoo Yr 4+ This site includes information on every type of animal, including care of pets, classes of animals, zoo animals and veterinary resources.

APEGS - Straw Bridge Competition Yr7+ The Straw Bridge Competition is designed for Grade 7 students to support the Structures and Designs unit.

Visual Elements Periodic Table Yr 6++ This site offers a dazzling presentation to the standard periodic table. Each element is represented by a visual interpretation evoking our common understanding of the element - the Sun for helium, airplane and foil for aluminium, etc.

Chemical Reactions Yr 9+ This site provides a brief overview of the various parts of chemical reactions, including an overview of reactions, acids and bases, thermodynamics, equilibrium, reaction rates, catalysts and stoichiometry.

Hair Raising Results - Static Electricity Yr 9 This site presents an excellent demonstration to introduce the topic of static electricity.

Voltage and current


Understanding Magnetism Yr9+ A site built around the Discovery Channel T.V. show/video Understanding: Magnetism. It includes sections dealing with vocabulary, study questions, activites and related resources.

Water Tower Applet  Yr 9+  An applet where the user can learn about water pressure and fluid flow by playing with a person who is watering flowers on a hill.

above from Saskatchewan Learning

below from Click and Learn

Particle Theory - Properties of Matter Yr 9

Chemistry: Atoms and Elements Yr 9

Physics: The Characteristics of Electricity Yr 9

Earth and Space Sciences: Study of the Universe Yr 9

Fundamental Concepts in Science Yr 9


Chemistry: Chemical Processes Yr 10


Physics: Motion Yr 10




Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Create a postage stamp
Naming local places
Mapping the expedition
*** Civics and Citizenship lessons and activities
*** Play Dem Games
 *** Discovering Democracy units - downloads  scroll down to appropriate level

Civics and Citizenship

Balancing the options (Yrs 7-8)






CONNECT THE THOUGHTS courses - very good


Macrohistory: Prehistory to the 21st Century



Our own Geography page

Our own SOSE pages

1) Lessons to be used with SOSE Alive 4 textbook

2) General SOSE resources to be used 2009/2010


Ancient History


Timelines -

Later periods click on details

and British History timelines



Ancient History Yr 11/12 Curriculum Council syllabus worth looking at outcomes... perhaps



Ancient China


IBO Interact MYP one chapter


World Explorers

Geography - Globalmania eBook

Seterra - Geography game - free  

African capitals and heads of state



Wind Farms: Pros and cons (Yrs 7-8)

Resort Rescue: Coastal protection (Yrs 9-10)


Indigenous Heritage

Making a Difference: David Unaipon (Yrs 9-10)


Pet Care & Five Freedoms units RSPCA


Constructing Australia 

3 documentaries




PDF Europe in Retrospect: A Brief History of the past 200 years


The History Guide

Timeline of inventions

Facing the Future - excellent free lessons about global issues, such as this one: Making Global Connections Free curriculum

Black Plague simulation 

***Googol Power Virtual field trips - very good site!!


In the company of Whales

Seafood watch quiz

Oceans (activity tracing currents)

Ocean surface topography from Space - including board game

Marine Science Units (extensive, see good links at end)

Topography - clay mountains

Dashboard of sustainability

Aboriginal fishing rights

EGYPT   (also quizzes on class website)

Visuals of Egyptian sites:

Play Senet:


Prehistoric Life


Personal interests and Career traits (lesson plan) - New York city videos

Free PDF lessons on mapmaking





Political system - values, democracy



Energy and Control: Photosynthesis (ZIP 15MB)

This is a compressed, downloadable file. To run the demo, you will need to save it to your computer, extract the files, run the installer (setup.exe) and then run the program.

Interactive Heart (ZIP 2MB)

This is a compressed, downloadable file. To run the demo, you will need to save it to your computer, extract the files, and then run the program.

Similarities in Cell Structures and Functions

This lesson explores the characteristics all cells have in common and what distinguishes eukaryotic cells from prokaryotic cells. This type of lesson is designed to aid the individual learner or act as a classroom supplement to traditional instruction.




The life of a star in a few minutes




Cosmos series





Kindred Media


Imagination Island

Online educational games 

More games

Click 'N Slide


Peg Board Solitaire

Simple Memory Test - do some good while you're testing and expanding your vocabulary

Footprint calculator






Covering Key Learning Areas

 back to top







Grammar & comprehension text


Free online grammar, comprehension and writing lesson plans


Reading – historical fiction (Viking times), research for Viking project

Writing & vocab - See Viking project

Oral – present your project to the family

Document the Viking project – first planning, rough draft then editing and final version.

Most other areas (see below)




Online Maths games



Math board games (download free from internet)

Help with food shopping (comparison of prices, adding up of calories or something age appropriate)


Viking project – set out blueprint (measurements) and other aspects

English – reading and writing

Technology and enterprise




Online – why do boats float, etc


Research for Viking project


Choose another project if not enough scope in that one to cover Science

Viking project – boat should float! How?

English – reading and writing

SOSE & Art (Viking project – boat should float! Why does it float?)

SOSE – history & geography



Books on Viking times and culture



Use our free Geography lessons

Research for Viking project (internet & library)

Historical fiction (Viking times)

Where did Vikings live? What happened and who lives there now… culture, etc.

Viking project – see below in Arts section

English (reading, writing)

Arts (Viking project – clay model and drawings)


ARTS – music, dance, drama, art

Free online lessons

Books on clay sculpting & drawing


Drawing/painting, clay models

Research - books on Viking dress

Draw a self-portrait (mirror) but add clothes and hairstyle from Viking times

Make a Viking ship from plasticine – plan properly, blueprint drawings – it should float and support seven Lego men J

SOSE (Viking project)

English - reading


Free online typing tutor

Research nutrition

Free online “business” games (see my list of free links on the webpage)

Set up a play shop with siblings


Typing for English essays

Health & Phys Ed (see below)


Swimming classes

Free online nutrition websites


Research the Viking diet and prepare a Viking meal for the family

Weekly excursion to beach

Help with shopping list & food shopping

Preparing healthy snacks for lunch

Planning healthy meals with parent


Viking meal

Plan out a healthy weekly menu for the family


Viking meal

English & Tech (setting out menu, researching on Internet)






Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all

members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the


Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which

have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human

beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been

proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to

rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the

rule of law,

Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,

Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in

fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal

rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better

standards of life in larger freedom,

Whereas Member States have pledged themselves to achieve, in cooperation with the

United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights

and fundamental freedoms,

Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest

importance for the full realization of this pledge,

Now, therefore,

The General Assembly,

Proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of

achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every

organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and

education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures,

national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and

observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the

peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.


Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with

reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without

distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other

opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or

international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be

independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 3

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be

prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or


Article 6

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 7

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal

protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in

violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 8

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts

violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Article 9

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 10

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and

impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal

charge against him.

Article 11

1. Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until

proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the

guarantees necessary for his defence.

2. No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission

which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at

the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the

one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

Article 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or

correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to

the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 13

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders

of each State.

2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to

his country.

Article 14

1. Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from


2. This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from

non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the

United Nations.

Article 15

1. Everyone has the right to a nationality.

2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to

change his nationality.

Article 16

1. Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or

religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal

rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

2. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending


3. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to

protection by society and the State.

Article 17

1. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Article 18

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes

freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with

others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice,

worship and observance.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom

to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and

ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 20

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

2. No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 21

1. Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or

through freely chosen representatives.

2. Everyone has the right to equal access to public service in his country.

3. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will

shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal

and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting


Article 22

Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to

realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with

the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights

indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

Article 23

1. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and

favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

2. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

3. Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring

for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and

supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

4. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his


Article 24

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working

hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Article 25

1. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing

of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical

care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of

unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of

livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

2. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All

children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social


Article 26

1. Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the

elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory.

Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher

education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

2. Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and

to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It

shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or

religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the

maintenance of peace.

3. Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to

their children.

Article 27

1. Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community,

to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

2. Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests

resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the


Article 28

Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms

set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.

Article 29

1. Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full

development of his personality is possible.

2. In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such

limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due

recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the

just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a

democratic society.

3. These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes

and principles of the United Nations.

Article 30

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person

any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any

of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

Source: United Nations Department of Public Information,




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Palestrina, Mendelsohn

Year Two in History Cycle (36 weeks) Chopin to Mussorgsky 1810-1881

Year Three in History Cycle (36 weeks) Tchaikovsky to Ravel 1840-1937

Year Four in History Cycle (36 weeks) Orff to Bernstein 1895-1990




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